Make the most of your Cultivate internship!

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Orientation week is here! It’s only day two but we have been having a lot of fun with our #2017Cultivate Assistant Program Coordinators (APCs) and interns! We are excited to see what God has prepared for them.

Before they start this great adventure, we thought it would be really cool to ask our former interns for advice to get the best of their Cultivate experience. Here’s what they said:

  • @maleabertsch Don’t have expectations, but go in with your heart and soul prepared for God to work radically in your lives in this season!
  • @abisnail_elaine Listen. More than you speak.
  • @rachel.toren Embrace and cherish the moments because it flies by!
  • @wadeable Go to Dandee donuts after orientation sessions if you want to hang out with your APCs. Also, go to the beach. Warsaw and Switchbox coffee are goals.
  • @missmena4eva Love people fully like you may not have another day with them. The community you serve, the community you are placed in and anyone else you “randomly” encounter. Consider each one a God encounter.
  • @kamrynblair Be teachable and ready to learn. This is a time for deep growth and building relationships. The ways you grow may not be as you expect.
  • @sarahjoyce95 Invest in the people around you, even thought two months seems so short. It’s so worth it!
  • @hanpug Take a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to pursue friendships even tho it’s a short summer! Be fully yourself & embrace the risks. Don’t be afraid to look stupid or give a “wrong answer”. ? Process lots with God & soak up every moment!
  • @calibeyer Remember that you were hired for a reason, so be confident and don’t be afraid to speak up! Invest in your root group and talk to workers outside of the department. Oh, and have fun. ?
  • @phily_cheese24 You learn more from those surrounding you, the other interns. And it is in those moments you’ll realize the value of the internship. It is an incubator for formation and an avenue to live out serving Christ. Soak it up and enjoy the rare blimp in time. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just do what you can where you are.
  • @jeanettelle19 Expect the unexpected. God has crazy cool plans for you that are bigger and better than you could imagine. I was supposed to be in India for the internship and ended up in Fort Lauderdale. I wouldn’t have traded that experience for the world. The Lord will use you as long as you keep saying yes.
  • @kristayanos Never forget the bigger story you are a part of! The work you do, if it’s designing a brochure or smiling at a child, it is counted as a righteous task when it is for the Kingdom. All for His glory! ❤ Matthew 6:33
  • @matthias_rohde If you feel like you don’t really fit in, don’t stress out about it. Turns out everybody does.

We look forward to posting the advice from our 2017 group! If you want to jointhis amazing group of future world changers next year at Cultivate, stay tuned for our future application dates on our social media.


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