Jennifer Fuller

Cultivate alum Jennifer Fuller is about to start working for OneHope full time. Here’s what she has to say about her time between her internship and full time placement:

When were you a Cultivate intern?

I joined Cultivate last summer 2015. I came in a little later since I had to finish teaching during the school year here in Dubai.

What was your job? Give a brief summary of the projects you worked on.

I was part of the education team that was setting up the Innovation Charter School. I mainly helped plan the after school programs that partnered with other churches and volunteers. I also set up enrollment events prior to the opening of the school, helped with social media accounts, edited content, and contacted possible project partners for the school.

What is your current profession and how did you get there?

I’ve been a preschool teacher since 2012 but have been in the education field since graduating from college in 2009, my first professional job being an art teacher for an after school program. I had taken Visual Communications, studying Fine Arts and Design but always had a passion for non-profit work and working with children. I took a PGCE (post graduate certificate in education) course while working as a preschool teacher and then started to look for opportunities that integrated my passions for working with children in a non-profit context at the same time being able to use my creative skills.

Tell me about the relationship you formed with staff and other interns.

I made close friendships based on common interests and I believe most of them were really God-orchestrated. I was able to share my heart and passion for creativity and working with children with some of the staff and my co-interns which opened the opportunity for me to work with the Asia Pacific team.

How is God working in your life today? Is there a specific way that God worked in your life while you were a Cultivate intern that continues to influence your life today?

I believe the Lord is deeply at work in my life in terms of shifting my perspective from fear-based living to learning how to put my trust and hope in Him. He has shown me that he is sovereign over the little details and is also at work in the people around me.

Is there a scripture that resonates strongly with you? Favorite passage? Why?

Interestingly enough, the theme for last year’s Cultivate internship was John 10:10 which had been a verse that resonated with me when I came to Christ more than ten years ago – I often called it my ‘life verse.’ I realized then how empty my life was with all the earthly abundance I had – good family, good education, friends, money, etc. I needed to relearn the meaning of this passage during a season of my life when I felt like I had nothing of value in terms of worldly worth and really see with new eyes what Jesus meant when he said ‘abundantly’.


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