Jessica Sherwood

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When and where were you a cultivate intern?

I was a Cultivate intern for the communications team in Fort Lauderdale in summer 2014.

And specifically, what did you do?

I wrote social media posts and I worked on testimonies like shaping them into stronger stories. We did some collaborative projects with the other interns and a lot of brainstorming; a lot of idea generation. But my main emphasis, I would say, was on writing. I remember we interviewed Rome, so we would do a whole story on the Hopeful Award winner and then post their picture or video on the website.

So what is your current job and how did you get here?

My current job is Communications Project Coordinator with OneHope. During my internship I remember thinking, “Okay, I really think this is where I’m supposed to work. I feel like this is where the Lord is leading, so if something opens up I’m going to take it.” And so at the end of the internship they had expressed, “We would love to have you but we don’t know if anything will open up.” Then in November, I got a call scheduled with Alessandra and she said “we don’t have a position for you on the communications team, but we have a position for you under operations. Would you want to come on as operations coordinator?” I was in operations from January to June, and then this past year I’ve been on the communications team.

How has working here grown you spiritually and in your walk with God?

OneHope has definitely given me a new love and a new appreciation for the Word. I grew up in a Christian home and I would read my Bible, but coming here the Word of God really has come alive for me. I’ve realized its power and that God’s word really is enough to transform lives. You hear all these testimonies of people who received a Book of Hope and their lives are completely changed because of the Word of God. This community fosters great accountability and great growth.

How did you feel post-internship about going into the real world?

There are so many valuable aspects to college, but there’s something about getting real life professional experience that makes all the difference in the world. It’s that hands on training that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Cultivate grows you spiritually, professionally, emotionally, and mentally. I think there is always a little bit of a gap between internships and the real world, but I always tell people to do as many internships as you can because you need that experience before you start working full time.

How is God working in your life today?

Right now one of my favorite passages of scripture is Isaiah 49. It talks about how we are arrows hidden in God’s quiver and how God launches us out. I’ve been thinking a lot about a bow and an arrow and how there is a lot of tension when you are getting pulled back and you are getting stretched. And at OneHope you are always going to be stretched. I can honestly say my years in Florida have been the most growth that’s ever taken place in my life, on all levels. So I’ve been thinking a lot about this refining process of God pulling me back as an arrow. There’s sometimes tension in that space, but He points you in the direction of His purpose, His will, and then He releases you when you’re ready. I think Cultivate showed me the value of preparation and the importance of living in the present and taking everything you can in the present.


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