Logan Ketterling

When were you a Cultivate Intern?

Last year (2015) from May to July.

What is your current job, and how did you get there?

I felt like God wanted me to do something big, so I just founded my own company. When I got back from Cultivate, I started working on my company, making and selling jewelry from historic rare, raw materials, in September and ended up launching it in March. God’s been opening a ton of doors that I never would have expected. I’m also finishing up school and graduate in December. (He is in seminary, studying to be a pastor.)

How do you incorporate God into your work life?

It’s really cool to be able to share the amazing things that God has been doing in my life with these people. I think the biggest thing is meeting with people that I never would have met before in church. And I get to pour into their lives and speak about what God has done through my business, and give God the glory in all that.

How have you used your experience and skills (especially Outcome-based Ministry) from OneHope in your professional life?

I think learning to empathize with people who are different than you was the most valuable, tangible skill that I learned. Also, the definition of outcome-based ministry is making sure there are outcomes with everything. When running an event through my company I say, “Why am I running this? Am I running it just to run it or to get a true outcome?” Or in ministry, “Why are we having this event?” I’m on the lead team for our young adults team and we actually just cancelled one of our events because we didn’t have any purpose behind it.

How do you see God working in your life today? Is there a something specific that started during Cultivate?

I learned to listen to His voice very clearly. With Cultivate, you go abroad on your own with people you met a week ago. It is difficult and it is lonely. And you really have to rely on God and I learned to listen to His voice. When I was abroad, it was life a direct line with me and God. Ever since then I have understood it means to remove sin from your life, remove distractions and things that would get in the way in your relationship with God, and to fill your life up with great things. The biggest thing that I have kept with me is that openness to hear God’s voice and removing the distractions and then hearing God and ultimately being obedient and Him moving in big ways.

Is there a scripture that resonates strongly with you? A favorite passage?

When I got home from Cultivate, I really wanted to go back and do missions. And I really felt God say, “Well what if I want you to do something different?” Last month I was reading in 1 Samuel 15:22, and Samuel reprimands Saul for keeping livestock from God. Samuel says, “Saul, don’t you think God cares more about your obedience than your sacrifice?” I really understood my call from there. I realized I wanted to do missions because I felt like that was the proper sacrifice and the right Christian thing to do; it was about myself. But God said, “No, I care about obedience.”

What suggestions do you have for current summer interns?

It is easy to get distracted especially in international locations. Stay focused on what God has in store for everyone. There is little that God can’t do on these trips. No matter where you are serving, God is going to do amazing things if you are open to Him.

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